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silent edit :: objects

silent edit :: objects

Monday 09 May 2005 3:19:16 pm

Greetings fellows,

I call upon you today for your reflections on maintaining cogent, pointed replies to the forum threads which request them of us all, often much longer than any of us realize at the time of their instantiation.

I have long longed for the ability to prevent my edits from making the headlines of .... via
An optional flag to be provided to the user during submission of an edit.

While I leave you pondering the meaning behind the meaning, I counter with this situation as justification for what I ask of you.

Revising my collection of threads remaining at without drawing necessary attention to my self conscious repair of my nieve messages which have not stood the test of time or it's editor's review for accuracy in the usage of my own native language yet have become part of a slovenly long record, referenced by all to this day.

Which is a greater evil, long standing deep rooted threads littered with personal failures or the ability to revise them privately.


dark arc .......................

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