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Simple tutorial - layout implementation

Simple tutorial - layout implementation

Monday 26 November 2007 2:22:49 pm - 1 reply

Just a quick note: can one include a simplistic tutorial on how to perform a simple task. I mean for example change the entire look and feel of the site, and how to assign it for various portions of the site such as different folder with different look and feel.

Yes I know you can point me to various tutorials, but they are broken in many parts and are not complete. For example: if I want to change the entire layout of the site, I have to read about the pagelayout override system, but there are no mentions of the submenus etc. Then there is the styling of the site using the css from different files with all sort of other overrides. And finally there is the little templates for each view for each class/data types This is just not an easy ride.

What I mean: have you ever tried to purchase a template from and use it on the eZ Publish site??? Not the easiest thing. In eZ 2.x everything was so much simpler when it came to the layout of the site. I could make a new layout and implement it within 5 hours. Also assign it to various sections / folders...!

Maybe there is a tutorial I have overlooked, but if one would just focus on a single topic then this would be much easier (at least for me!)

Monday 07 January 2008 4:09:57 pm

You can find a customization info for ezwebin here:

How many hours you use on implementing a template from a template site highly depends on your knowledge of eZ Publish. yes it's more complex then v2.0x, but it also gives you a lot more flexibility. Styling a ezwebin site shouldn't take more then 5 hours if it's the same basic structure. More flexible menu layouts has existed as patches for a long time so it just depends on resources to get it included.

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