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SMTP "advanced option" during installation wizard.

SMTP "advanced option" during installation wizard.

Friday 24 April 2009 9:24:37 pm - 1 reply

Hey all,

First I'ld like to excuse myself if this was already posted, i searched for but didn't find anything.

here is the idea :

During the installation wizard, we're asked for the SendMail/SMTP feature to use to deliver e-mail.

Could you added a 'advanced button' where we can find the following options for the SMTP server in addition to the 2 already shown :

Port used (most of us don't use the 25 port anymore due to ISP limitation)
Connection type/encryption : None (regular) / TLS / SSL

this are the first options that came to my mind as a "new user to ezpublish."

Thanks for your time.


Saturday 25 April 2009 11:14:03 pm

There are plenty of other options in site.ini, will consider your proposal, but given the amount of settings in eZ Publish we can't present more then the most important settings during the setup wizard happy.gif Emoticon

And btw, welcome to the community blunk.gif Emoticon


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