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Stronger extensions subforum exposure

Stronger extensions subforum exposure

Friday 08 August 2008 6:15:15 am - 4 replies

Hello everyone,

What do you think about making the extensions sub-forum more exposed? For example by fetching from that entire "Extensions" subtree to the "Latest forum activity" block on the main developer page? Also, "Latest forum activity" could be at least 3-5 items longer in any case.

Right now those things are reserved for more curious users... That should not be that much of a hard modification to implement?

Agree? blunk.gif Emoticon


Friday 08 August 2008 9:10:08 am

Agree, but always report enhancement requests in the tracker so they aren't forgotten(??)..

Friday 08 August 2008 9:18:52 am

Hi Piotrek,

I definitively agree. Finding that valuable information that you need for developing extensions has always been difficult and cumbersome.

Also there should be a section in the docs concerning extensions. A general description of extension-development, a few HOW-TO's to get you going, the API (or at least a link to it), links to helpfull articles and so on.

@André: there is stuff in the tracker so old that it will soon be part of the UNESCO World Heritage List ( ) happy.gif Emoticon



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Friday 08 August 2008 9:48:30 am

@Felix: It's important to show that we have a history, not some young upcoming company with no credibility.... or something happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 08 August 2008 9:50:41 am

blunk.gif Emoticon

PS. Yup, I keep forgetting about the issues app... Well, here's it is formally: blunk.gif Emoticon

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