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Suggestions on making a forum

Suggestions on making a forum

Friday 04 July 2003 8:03:36 am - 2 replies

Hello Everyone,

Is there anyone who has implemented a forum using the eZ Publish built-in functionality???
I need to make a forum similar to the one we have on the eZ Publish Site, but i need to the technical aspects to it??

Thanks in advance.


Friday 04 July 2003 8:57:54 am

Take a look at the demo for eZ it contains a forum implementation. http://demo.ezpublish.no/content/view/full/49/
When you download eZ3 you will get all the code/templates for the demo so you can see how it works.
All you need do is add your designs to the classes and it works well.


Friday 04 July 2003 8:31:38 pm

I added something in the contributions section, feel free to improve.



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