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Support for key independent extensions

Support for key independent extensions

Thursday 01 August 2013 4:28:38 am - 2 replies

The reason for this post if to put forward an idea where the community and eZ Systems identify and support extensions that are identified as 'key' extensions.

Recently I developed a site for a client which is building a social centric site where a forum will be central. I looked around to see what extensions are available to enhance this area and found very little, the best for forums I could find was xrowforum created in 2010.  Therefore in my mind I would identify xrowforum as a key extension for forums and as such deserving of community support.

eZ Systems is understandably focused on 'for pay' extensions that meet bigger corporate needs but I think it would be great to show some love to those extensions which we all go to for specific tasks. Perhaps some of us could donate money while others donate time?  If a tool was developed so community could vote on their favorite extensions for various categories and functions then resources could be awarded to those developers to continue and enhance it?

This is just a rough idea to see what others think.


Thursday 01 August 2013 4:48:33 pm

Great Idea! This reminds me of the Open Funding initiative that we used to have in the eZ Community a while back.

This also brings to mind asking people to speak up about their favorite extensions! Tell us what are you favorite extensions and what extensions you think need further development.

EDIT: I made a separate thread today for my extension fanboy sharing!


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Saturday 24 May 2014 12:10:05 am



this is a bit the idea behind the creation of ezcommunity account on github some time back. The idea is roughly that anything that is of importance within the community, and which the community (so more than one person) is willing to maintain (eZ is also active part of the community of course) and co develop with the community, should potentially go here. There is a lot to maybe* define around how this should work, but for now there is a Jobeet project there which aims to collectively build a solid tutorial for how to make an web site/application on top of eZ Publish 5.x.
* From my pov this is one of the most important things for the next community project board to define, as well as defining how we can make sure eZ Platform can be a much more open, and including project.

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