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Tuesday 20 June 2006 1:05:11 pm - 1 reply

out of the 20 theme, you can choose from, not one is in full screen mode, ie a dynamic width to fill the screen. This really makes eZpublish look cheap, So much so that eZ systems wont use that format on their own site.

why not have one or 2 full width theme's? where a Site can make full use of the header with it's own banners just like eZ systems? it would make eZ publish look much more profesional and without the search box in the header, it would make people that want to use thier own banners, more likely use eZ publish.

every CMS i have looked at, has used it's own format, you look at the CMS site and think, wow this format looks nice, and then you install eZpublish to be left feeling you have been cheated, because you got nothing that looks like the system you looked at, I looked at a full page CMS and felt cheated when all i got was a 3/4 page width system.

is that a fair discription of what i thought i was going to get? when i downloaded and installed eZpublish from looking at it in use on this site? No. so i wonder how many people were disapointed like i was.


Modified on Tuesday 20 June 2006 1:07:34 pm by sammie owen

Saturday 24 June 2006 5:31:39 pm

If you want a full screen theme, you should consider start out with the Ice / Silverstar / Structural themes, they seem to be easily fit for the job with some minor tweaks.
Or you could do as moste other users of ez, build your own design overriding the base design.

Modified on Sunday 25 June 2006 5:20:41 pm by André R


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