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travel booking engine

travel booking engine

Saturday 13 December 2003 8:36:08 am - 9 replies

I bet setting up a travel site with eZ Publish is possible just by making use of classess, objects, workflows, etc., but tedious.

How about travel booking capabilities as extensive as GDS systems but without needing any access to any GDS so you could have your own inventory of travel products.

Establishments could be created and categorized into countries, locations, sub-locations, star ratings, type(hotel/resort), etc.

Fields about each establishment could user created and defined: description, overview, amenities, etc.

Rooms per establishment could be user created and defined including rates, validity, weekend/weekday rates, description, amenities.

car transfer and flight inventory could be user created and defined and could be search by dropdown boxes for 'origin' and 'destination'. Flight are grouped into airlines. The airlines are also user-defined.

accommodation packages as well as travel packages (transfers, accommodations, multiple destinations) could be user created and defined.

E-mail addresses could be assigned as recepient for online booking/inquiry submissions on a per establishment, per location, per group, per country, etc. basis.

Booking/submission statistics per establishment, per location, per group, per country, etc.

Related stuff could be shown (like in PHPWebsite)

and many more...

This would sure be a hit!

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Friday 19 December 2003 4:48:30 pm

We try to keep eZ publish general and flexible. The functionality you suggest is too specific to make it into eZ publish, but it could be done as a separate package.

Friday 19 December 2003 6:33:11 pm

I have started laying out a registration system for Bed and Breakfast establishments in the U.S.. I would enjoy comparing notes on the development with anyone interested.

Monday 29 December 2003 6:39:49 am

Yeah, how about a native travel package from you guys. I bet you'll do a great job at it.

Friday 23 January 2004 10:30:50 am


We would be very interested in this package

So, we can team up with EZ System or someone from the community, to develop this package, or solution based on EZPublish framework


Modified on Friday 23 January 2004 10:35:48 am by Lazaro Ferreira

Wednesday 23 June 2004 3:40:12 pm


I have had a couple of requests for this type of product - a generic reservation/booking system. If you are still interested, we could do development. Any comments?


Willo van der Merwe

Thursday 03 March 2005 8:51:47 am

I would like to express my sincere interest in such a module, joint development or on a complete buy off.

All with interest contact me at:

m.starck @


Mikael Starck
Senior Developer / Project Manager

Modified on Thursday 03 March 2005 8:52:31 am by Mikael Starck

Sunday 24 June 2007 9:40:50 am


Did anyone come up with the solution?

Wednesday 19 December 2007 5:49:37 am

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Monday 02 April 2012 3:56:49 am

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