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Unique attributes

Unique attributes

Tuesday 17 June 2008 10:49:08 am - 2 replies

I would suggest that each attribute should have a checkbox option called "Unique", while editing or creating a class.

It could be used in forms with user registration, where, for example, the intention is to have unique e-mails between users. Because the attribute e-mail is unique, ez Publish will not permit two users with same e-mail addresses to register.

This unique feature for attributes could be used in many other situations.

Modified on Tuesday 17 June 2008 11:24:17 am by Michael Scofield

Tuesday 24 June 2008 3:10:18 am

Actually, eZ Publish by default does not allow registration of multiple accounts using one e-mail address. But also, this is a special type of security, which is embedded in the datatype itself.

I've once commited an extension that sort of does of what you're asking for:

Monday 11 July 2011 2:10:13 pm


would be nice if someone could take such a checkbox into the feature request for eZ 4.7 or so big-smile.gif Emoticon

ps. your extension works fine.


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