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Uploaded Object default location

Uploaded Object default location

Monday 26 November 2007 2:05:47 pm - 1 reply

When a user clicks on the attachment paperclip to upload a new image/file/etc..., there is an option to place it in a certain location.

The options are: automatic, images, files, etc...! The nice thing about this when you upload it to an existing class (eg. article), the article itself is shown in the list. This means that all the images uploaded to this class will be placed as children of this class.

However, when you first create a new class, the option is not shown for the new class. I understand that it is because the class has not been made yet. But I know that a draft has been created. This means that it can be temporarily associated to the draft before associated to the actual class when published.

I just don't know where the uploaded files are placed once they have been placed in the "automatic" option.

For a news site, this would work nice because a writer could write the document, upload the files, and show them in the article (all under one class). No back-and-fourths.

Monday 07 January 2008 3:48:34 pm

automatic are based on the settings defined in content.ini depending on the file you upload, bye default they end up in the media library.

As for the storing as children before it's published, that's not currently easy since the object doesn't have have node assignment yet.

Adding such a feature would probably involve storing the relations as drafts without a node, and add the node placement with a cronjob/ workflow when the object is published or in some way when you hit publish on the main object ( id's could be stored as session ).


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