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URL aliases - multi lingual

URL aliases - multi lingual

Monday 16 October 2006 6:02:12 pm - 11 replies


I was reading this http://ez.no/community/developer/...d_multi_language_in_ez_publish_rev_2

on the topic of URL aliases it says "Update 4.april.2006: Due to technical issues this feature did not make it into eZ publish 3.8."

What is the current status?


Monday 13 November 2006 2:18:34 am

It's in the latest 3.9 specification, see the specs .pdf, page 19:


...I suppose we just have to hope it isn't dropped again.


Monday 13 November 2006 6:02:26 am

Hmm... doesn't look like there's any mention of it in the new feature documentation in snv:

I'd be interested to hear from any ez devs: can we expect to see this in 3.9?


Monday 13 November 2006 10:56:33 am


From what I've seen, that's been dropped again.


Tuesday 21 November 2006 10:38:07 pm

How frustrating. I actually found it quite embarrassing after building a large 4-language site for an international network, having to explain to the organisation why they needed to put 'English' urls on press releases in Portuguese, etc, if they wanted to direct people to any page except the front of the site.

The strange thing is, it's not listed in the feature list under either 'done' or 'skipped' - it just seems to have vanished.


I would have thought that after being skipped in 3.8 for technical reasons, and listed in the feature list for 3.9 it should have been a 'priority 1' task this time round. If it has been skipped (which seems very likely now 3.9 is at release-candidate stage) my feeling is that it should at least be listed as 'skipped', priority [1], so it isn't missed next time round.


Wednesday 22 November 2006 10:13:52 am


Agree with you. Fill a bug report.


Friday 24 November 2006 1:14:31 am

I found an existing feature request so I've bumped that with a comment:


Any response from the ez crew about what happened to this feature?


Friday 22 December 2006 12:12:15 pm


No news from the ez crew about this subject ?

Even in the bug report, there's no answer about why it is so complicated...

Does someone has an idea of a hack to implement this ? Perhaps using a filter design pattern like in J2EE to change the aliases on the fly ?

Thanks for your ideas !

Friday 22 December 2006 11:08:42 pm

Hi Laurent

As well as bumping the bug report, I also asked about this on the eZ publish development list. The only answer so far:

"A more detailed explanation of this issue will follow in the coming



Saturday 23 December 2006 7:38:56 am

May santa clauEz offers us the answer by Xmas blunk.gif Emoticon


Friday 05 January 2007 3:25:13 pm

I've added a comment on the bug report explaining the issue.

Tuesday 23 January 2007 8:32:53 am

Hi Jan,

From a technical point of view, your answer makes perfectly sense. However, based on what we've seen on real situations, you can add assume quite a few things to simplify:

1) You don't add languages on a daily basis on sites. That's more or less defined since the beginning, and if you add a language, running a big long script to update everything isn't a big problem, and way less than having to find translators blunk.gif Emoticon

2) The content is not translated issue and language preferences order. (keep in mind that you won't change the priority order, and if you do, running a script isn't a big deal).

More over, you won't have 3 site access in norvegian with different language priorities. Therefore, you can safely assume that for each single object, you only have one url per language, hence only 4 for ez.no for instance.

About the optimisations you mention, wouldn't it be possible by storing 4 time more urls to keep them and not overcomplicate the system ?

Saying that you have one url per language of the object (independent of the site accesses) is not perfect, but it's way better than one url for all the languages, isn't it?


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