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view modes for attribute_edit_gui and attribute_view_gui

view modes for attribute_edit_gui and attribute_view_gui

Friday 29 September 2006 11:22:30 pm - 3 replies

Hi there

Is it possible to have different views for the attribute_edit_gui?
Example: I have an ezselection attribute. There a several ways to edit such an attribute, one could use an selectbox, some radiobuttons or some checkboxes (if multiselect). I want to tell the attribute_edit_gui function what template to use.
The same applies to the attribute_view_gui.

At the moment I use a parameter for this but I would like this to work like the different view modes possible for the node_view_gui. Then I could have different templates for each required attribute view and not have all of them in one big switch.


Saturday 30 September 2006 1:28:55 am

Hi Claudia,

You can create different overrides for the edit templates. Look here:


Alternatively, you can also pass variables to the edit templates

{attribute_edit_gui attribute=$basdf variable1="value1"}

Saturday 30 September 2006 11:24:24 am

Hi Kristian

Yes I know that I can create overrides. The problem is that these overrides would be valid for the entire siteaccess but I would like to be able to choose which view I want depending on the template the attribute_edit_gui function is used in.

Currently I use your second idea by selecting which view to use basing on some variable I pass to the edit template. This works alright so it is truly not necessary to have the functionality I asked for. It just would be nice to have the same functionality for all xx_yy_gui functions and it is possible to choose different view modes for displaying nodes or objects after all.

So this is really just a suggestion, definitely not something necessary.

Greetings from Luxembourg


Saturday 30 September 2006 12:42:08 pm


I agree with Claudia, an override system also based on a view parameter (or something similar) on attribute_view_gui would be a really nice feature even if there are solutions without it.


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