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Vitals improvements

Vitals improvements

Wednesday 08 November 2006 1:53:25 pm - 2 replies

Hi all,

After all that time spent tweeking ezp i see some obvious enhancements that would be a great help once implemented :

<b>In Admin siteaccess transform the "remove selected" in content lists into a "select" menu with those options :</b>

- Remove selected
- Move selected
- Copy selected

<b>Adding a "grouped_related_contentobjects" array in the node object :</b>

Would be accessed via $node.grouped_related_contentobjects

This would allow to filter directly related objects on their class_identifier and display certain related objects on certain node/class.

This behavior exists in this template : admin/templates/content/edit_relations.tpl

A classical case for me is to display related images for products (different views of a product) but not in an article (where related images are in the XML field). While you want related products or file to be displayed but separatly from eachother.

<b>Being able to differenciate related_objects that are referenced in the class "XML field" and those referenced with the bottom "related object" table :</b>

Exemple : Product class with a "XML field" datatype named "description".
This product has related object like other products, files (pdf) linked via the bottom "related contenus" table.
This would allow not to display in "related objects" those that are already displayed via the $node.data_map.description. And to display only related products and files. 

<b>Repairing ini settings override behaviors in extensions :</b>

In fact ini settings system doesn't work as it should...i understood its not a bug. But its not logical that the ini -> ini.append -> ini.append.php override system doesn't work in extensions.

<b>Enabling "upload new" in "object relation" datatype :</b>

In fact when you use this datatype you can only link objects that where already inserted in the system. When you want to add images to a products you can't use this datatype or you have to insert the images in media library first then add those in the product form.

Beyond that everything is perfect !


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Monday 13 November 2006 11:15:51 am

Adding a "grouped_related_contentobjects" array in the node object :

I would rather see that as an improvement of the fetch related :

Being able to differenciate related_objects that are referenced in the class "XML field" and those referenced with the bottom "related object" table :

I wrote an extension that allows you to do that:

Monday 13 November 2006 11:50:49 am

Thanx a lot. I am going to try that.

Is your objects list grouped or filterable by class ?

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