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What do you think about Flash Player to translate it?

What do you think about Flash Player to translate it?

Friday 25 November 2011 6:29:40 am - 2 replies

Hi friends!
What do you think about Flash Player to translate it?
To load phrases to swf-file from the external translation-file?

Is there a source code of fla-file of Flash-player?

Friday 25 November 2011 6:49:17 am

Hello Maxim,

I don't believe I ever saw the public release of the sources to the ezflow video player. And this problem is really more flash specific than eZ specific.

Also I don't know if anyone has released the sources to their flash video player (not related to eZ Publish) besides the flowplayer,

You might be able to use that as a basis to create what you desire.

Though I think you might need to use a custom module view or ezjscore function to fetch the appropriate translation and return the translated text back to flash on the fly or you might be able to pass the translation to flash on page load using custom templates depending on your specific use case.

Can you share more detail about what exactly your trying to accomplish?


I hope this helps ...




Friday 25 November 2011 10:04:54 am

I think that the very popular JW Player is also open source (

As for translating bits of the player skin, I'd go, as Heat suggested, for custom templates that produce xml output. This way you can set up your phrases either using content objects or using the template translation system


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