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Wish: Workflow - Event/Approve

Wish: Workflow - Event/Approve

Thursday 26 February 2004 3:09:32 pm - 2 replies

I must admit that I have not taken the time to check if this post have already been made, but I strongly suggest that you improve the workflow system. A more specific wish would be the ability to have a group of people acting as editors (i.e. the approving person). We are currently needing this feature. The problem is that having one person in charge of approval is not very flexible. What if that person is sick one day?
I hope that this feature is considered and implemented as soon as possible. Even though I have not read the code, I cannot imagine this being a very big problem. What is the difference between checking on a user id compared to checking on a group id? Of course, one would need to implement some security, prohibiting two persons in the same group for modifying the post.

Thanks in advance and thanks for the great work from the developers and community members.

Best Regards,

Christian Rytter

Saturday 06 March 2004 1:21:16 am


I agree with Christian. This is also some thing that I need.

I have a client that a group of people may approve, it would be a lot easier to set a group instead an individual.

I have another requirement, where a client needs to combine workflow appovals with company hierarchies, since I can't setup event to a group, I don't see how can i implement this.



Thursday 11 March 2004 1:12:18 pm

Hi there,

fiddling with some similar issues - see if my suggestion in this thread is relevant:


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