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xforms, infopath xslt

xforms, infopath xslt

Tuesday 10 January 2006 10:12:31 pm

I've been looking for a way to create offline forms that can be saved locally and then sent to ezpublish at a later date. Useful for consultants who don't always have access to the internet but need to record their time, etc. Fill out a time report as an xform (Open Office or standalone) or a MS infopath document and then submit it later. Or, even better have it placed in the users mail outbox to be sent to the ezpublish server and parsed into the ezdatabase when next online.

Or, imagine a survey form that's used to collect data in the field (i work with humanitarian organizations) either on a laptop or pda, and then sent to ezpublish when the surveyor returns to the office.

Sound interesting to anyone?

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