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Problem URL passing from one translation to another one

Problem URL passing from one translation to another one

Thursday 29 March 2012 4:26:21 pm - 1 reply

I solved my problem of URL ALIAS but i found another problem.

I think it's linked.

When i'm passing from chinese (for example this URL : http://mywebsite/cn/使用方法/优势) to English version (http://mywebsite/en/使用方法/优势), i got this message :

Module not found
The requested module 使用方法 could not be found.
Possible reasons for this are:
The module name was misspelled, try changing the URL.
The module does not exist on this site.
This site uses siteaccess matching in the URL and you did not supply one, try inserting a siteaccess name before the module in the URL .

Maybe i missed an URL configuration.

Thanks for your help

Friday 30 March 2012 3:17:29 pm



do you try to do that the switchlanguage function ?


let us know ...



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