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TR files for Chinese?

TR files for Chinese?

Wednesday 11 May 2011 5:30:19 pm - 4 replies

I've not been able to find an elegant way to display URLs in Chinese.

Deactivating URL translation or using urlalias_iri transform group doesn't really help.

I'm wondering if it's possible to use the translation file for Chinese that is in Derick Rethans's Transliteration extension (

The file is here:

If we can use this file to transform URL, what else needs to be set up?

Thursday 12 May 2011 9:42:30 am

Hi, Guillaume,

As far as I know the urlalias_iri works well. Example:文档/eZ-Publish/基本概念/内容与界面

But there is one issue here - when copying the url, it's encoded, which is not user-friendly.

I'm not sure what's result of the Transliteration extension. But for Chinese specific, alternatively I would prefer to have latinized Pinyin mapped to Chinese characters. I think an extension for this will be welcome. In Pinyin, that url will be

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Monday 30 May 2011 6:12:22 pm


I've successfully created a .tr file to transliterate the Chinese characters, but I've not been able to make it work properly.

The file /share/transformations/ looks like this (and has 25,326 lines):

U+5416 = "a"
U+5475 = "a"
U+9312 = "a"
U+9515 = "a"
U+963F = "a"
U+55C4 = "a"
U+554A = "a"
U+54C0 = "ai"
U+8444 = "zuo"
U+888F = "zuo"
U+9162 = "zuo"
U+963C = "zuo"

I set up /setting/override/transform.ini.append.php:



When I launch updateniceurls.php,everything looks fine, but my URL are still using the node_* pattern.

Did I miss something? Is it OK to send a pull request to the github repo even if it's not completely working?

Modified on Monday 30 May 2011 6:21:19 pm by Guillaume Marty

Monday 14 November 2011 4:23:10 pm


We're about to launch a website in Chinese, but the URL are still using the node_xxx pattern.

We can't use UTF-8 URL because the NFS can't be used with multibyte characters.

I already have a .tr file with a comprehensive set of Chinese characters transliteration, but I can't make it work. Please help me, I can send you the .tr file on demand.

It's a shame that Chinese transliteration is not yet implemented on eZ Publish sad.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 16 November 2011 2:19:31 pm

Here's something I've dug up from my emails... it might do exactly what you need. Be aware that it is a bit old (two years), and the API might have changed. Unlikely, but it might.

Let me know how it goes. Thanks.

P.S. this is now available on as well:

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