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Fuji (4.4) translation : a few days left

Fuji (4.4) translation : a few days left

Thursday 02 September 2010 4:30:44 pm - 5 replies


There are only a few days left until sept. 9th for adding or perfecting eZ Publish's translation to your language. Yesterday were pushed the final strings for this version of eZ Publish, merged with the changes made since April this year (when the 4.3 translation was finished). So it is time to translate the new strings (a handful of those, not many) in 4.4, and also perfect the existing translations !

For those who never did this before, you may want to read this :
Drop an email to community @ in case you are having any trouble.

Happy translation!

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Friday 03 September 2010 10:11:58 am

I am working on the Norwegian Bokmål translation.

Tuesday 07 September 2010 9:39:22 am

4.4 translation done, thanks to John Arne Jørgensen of Grenland Web AS.

Tuesday 07 September 2010 11:38:38 am

4.4 translation done, thanks to John Arne Jørgensen of Grenland Web AS.

Well done guys !

Tuesday 14 September 2010 12:01:27 pm

Dear Translators,

After an intense 12 days of translation, we will have to push the freshly translated strings back into eZ Publish. Thanks for the great work !

We will pick the strings up today, in the afternoon (16:00 CET, Paris time). So please commit the last chunks of translation you may have uncommitted.

Cheers !

Modified on Tuesday 14 September 2010 12:03:30 pm by Nicolas Pastorino

Thursday 16 September 2010 10:21:49 am

Hi Translation team !

The translation for Fuji (4.4) ended last Tuesday, after 6 months of hard work by many of you to better eZ Publish localize. From a bird-eye view, here is what changed :

  • 3 additions :
    - locales : Arabic (Saudi)
    - translations : Arabic (Saudi), Croatian (HR)
  • 9 updates :
    Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, German, Catalan, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian translations

Several updates and additions were also added to :

  • eZ Webin
  • eZ Flow
  • eZ ODF
  • eZ Comments
  • eZ Online Editor

I would like to send a fat THANK YOU to all of you contributors!

So far, translating required a fair amount of time, and some dexterity with Subversion. We know that this is preventing some of you from lending a hand. The team, along with the eZ Engineering team are in the process of re-thinking participation. Git(hub) is now used to version-control the whole eZ Publish (including translations), first point to leverage, and a web-based translation tool would be awesome, second point to keep in mind.

Stay tuned, and thanks !

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