Thursday 14 April 2011 10:40:10 am

There is a discussion about the show on linked in too

Would be great to get some community voices on the show.

Please send anything you think we should cover in future shows
It would be great if you could send a mp3 (30-60 seconds) introducing yourself and what you do in the eZ Community and we will play it on the show. It will be great for people to get to know each other.
Thinking about it probably an idea to send your details as well so we can include in the show notes.

Thursday 14 April 2011 10:33:36 am

Thanks to everyone who mentioned the low sound level on this show. We have found the problem. No excuses - It was me... Sorry!

We will ensure the levels are higher next time. I promise or I will have to write out "Check the sound levels" a thousand times.

Tuesday 05 April 2011 11:43:28 am

Weren't you going to do this this year ?!

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