Friday 26 August 2011 3:48:25 pm

Thanks for the feedback Daniel.

I would be interested in knowing why this stopped working for 2011.8, all of a sudden. The evil is in the details, some other issue might be causing this.

Have a wonderful week-end,

Friday 26 August 2011 3:16:11 pm

The new index_ajax.php has been copied to the root of the installation, but the problem remains as long as the rewrite rule is present. Setting priority in admin2 works when I remove it.

It's an Nginx rewrite, so I'm going to debug it some more to see if there's a problem in it. The reason I found this strange is that previous upgrades from 2011.4 all the way to 2011.7, using the recommended upgrade steps, have not resulted in any problems due to the rewrite.

Modified on Friday 26 August 2011 3:22:19 pm by Daniel A. Øien

Friday 26 August 2011 1:31:38 pm

This is not working properly after having placed index_ajax.php at the root of the eZ Publish instance ?


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