Wednesday 14 December 2011 8:51:55 pm

Hello Virgil and Sebastiaan,

We had our Share meeting this Monday, discussed what needs to be done and we are ready to move on with implementing Job-a-matic . Can you guys click on my profile and send me your e-mail address? Just in case I do not have it yet. I'll contact you both after that on how we can proceed.

Thanks and regards, Robin

Tuesday 29 November 2011 8:55:46 pm

Hello Sebastiaan, Virgil,

Thanks for offering your help already. We will give this call for help a bit more time and see who is interested. In the mean time I'll start a discussion in the Share team and see how we can coordinate and divide the work to be done.

Again thanks! 

Regards Robin

Tuesday 29 November 2011 9:30:40 am

Hi Share team, I would be happy to help out! Kind regards, Sebastiaan

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