Tuesday 24 July 2012 3:06:35 pm

Is there any way of converting an svn repo to git after the fact?  I did optionmatrix bass ackwards and created the project before creating a repo on git, figuring I would add the git stuff later... but, I can't see any way of doing that.  I uploaded with svn but if I could switch to git I would.

I would maybe like to move some of my older projects to github too.

Wednesday 21 March 2012 9:43:00 am

It is great that you were able to add at least some GIT integration. I hope it will lead a few community members into trying git + github, and seeing how awesome it actually is. Do not hesitate to use the share.ez.no forums to ask questions about GIT too blunk.gif Emoticon

Saturday 14 January 2012 4:38:44 am

Hello Everyone,


I write to share a recently expanded related article on eZpedia, http://ezpedia.org/ez/git


The Git article on eZpedia

  • Offers a unique collection of eZ Publish + Git + GitHub related information and resources
  • Highlights links to almost all news/blogs/articles/etc regarding eZ Publish and GitHub (A great quick reference)
  • Provides helpful links to resources that help you learn and master Git and Git with eZ Publish and eZ Publish Development through GitHub


I hope this helps ... others ease their transition from older less helpful / useful version control systems into learning how to do the same work (only delivering much better results) with Git, GitHub and projects.ez.no




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