Friday 11 May 2012 1:52:52 am

> This would not lead me to believe that old code/templates are truly integrated in the new API but exist separately.

>Is this correct?

I might be able to upload a picture that is worth a thousand words tomorrow, but in the mean time:

1.Public API uses certain features of the current kernel, specifically it uses it in the storage engine and io handler.

2. We have currently just started the process of prototyping the view layer for 5.x, and intend to blog soon about that and other efforts that will start in the next weeks. So what we talk about here are what we have find realistic to accomplish before september (feature freeze) so far in the process*. But yes, the current template engine will not be the default template engine ( yes we plan to allow several "view handlers" ) on the new parts in 5.x, that is going to be twig.

3. The prototyping efforts mentioned in #2 will test out different possible scenarios for mixing output from both current templates / modules and new once, and be able to reuse existing templates, (...).
* This implies that some additional features that affects the answer to your question will have to wait until the release after Kilimanjaro because of time constraints.

Possible clarification: Your current site will continue to work as is when you upgrade to 5, you will be able to take advantage of new editorial interface and options mentioned in #3, (..).

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Thursday 10 May 2012 6:30:00 pm

Hi.  This thread is good as it seems to shake things up and help people grasp the true impact of eZ Publish 5..


But, I am a little confused about templates.  I understood that the template engine now will not be available for the 5x new api.

The Etna webinar today stated the there was 'Complete' backwards compatibility.  However, further statements suggested more of a parallel system:

New api and features = new template engine

BUT old templates just sitting on the old kernel that has been parked in the system as-is.

This would not lead me to believe that old code/templates are not truly integrated in the new API but exist separately.

Is this correct?  If so, what are the implications of enhancements to old extensions?  Does the eZ Publish 5 core really come into play or are we really just using eZ Publish 4 for any old templates and logic from existing stuff?

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Tuesday 01 May 2012 12:07:12 pm

We have a top product - now can we please focus on making it more user-friendly for users and formulating an effective marketing/sales strategy?

I agree with Sebastiaan, an product should have an good base, and eZ Publish has that. The next step is increase usability and accessibility. You can write, think over and over again with code to rewrite or to make better the code better, yes from the development perspective it is, but does the costumer sees improved usability?

I completely disagree, it's too short sighted view, we need sometimes to prepare for the long run, eZ publish did that between 2.x to 3.0 and it's doing it now again. How about try 2.x? What if eZ systems decided to just improve its usability several years ago instead of completely re-engineering it? How hard would be to develop common extensions (workflows, designs, triggers, datatypes, etc)?

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