Thursday 07 March 2013 1:28:25 pm

Two other extensions (ez4-only so far) which do QA checks:

- ggsysinfo

- ezextensionbuilder

I will take a look at the code of eZCodeValidator as soon as I have a spare moment...

Thursday 07 March 2013 12:50:46 pm

Thanks for the feedback, Konrad.

Ok, I hadn't noticed that this is already included in eZCodeValidator. Sounds good.

I'm somewhat uncertain about the autoformatting thing. Ideally everyone should just follow the same standards. However, ideality is a rare commodity. happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 07 March 2013 12:31:39 pm

Good read!

I do agree that common coding standard in the project makes live much easier and I do agree that choosing an eZPublish standard is a natural thing to do. On the other hand though, I don't like the eZPublish standard and I do hope that symfony standard will take over in the near future (

What I can't agree with is automatic formatting. Making developer write his code anyway he wants and then automatically formatting it to the common standard doesn't feel right. It will no longer be 'his' code when he pushes it to the repository, He may have a hard time recognizing what is what after common formatting is applied (even though he just wrote the code!). I believe that everyone in the project should use the same standard for code formatting and scripts should be used only to make sure that standard is respected.

As for eZCodeValidator, it does much more than checking the indentation and trailing spaces happy.gif Emoticon

- it uses csslint to check CSS files

- it uses jslist to check JS files

- it uses eZPublish build-in parser to check eZ template files

- it uses self made INI parser to check INI files

I hope to include CodeSniffer to this list to.

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