Wednesday 20 November 2013 9:46:25 am

@Peter: I like the idea!

Still, I fear the main hurdle to see it flourish will be the same - not enough manpower available from eZSystems. If we allow community users to contribute answers as well as questions, we might be able to go a long way.

As for the format, I'd still try to use a somewhat-structured media (and I hate video) - such as a wiki

Tuesday 19 November 2013 1:28:57 am

In following along with past meeting minutes, it seems like the "4 vs 5" spreadsheet has been stalled for quite some time now.  This is a oft-requested item from the community, and I wonder if we could help meet this need at least partially by approaching it a different way.

What if we started a regular series (weekly?) -- whether in the forums, or in blog posts, in videos, or all of the above -- where eZ Publish 4 users documented their favourite eZ Publish 4 features (with specific details on how to implement it), and someone from eZ or an eZ Publish 5 early adopter gave the equivalent documentation (or noted when it would be ready).

Here's a concrete example from dev land: in eZ Publish 4, you can log all e-mails sent by the eZ Publish to a file by setting this in an override of site.ini:


You'll find all e-mails logged to var/log/mail/

How does one accomplish the same in Symfony?  (There might be a better answer, but this is what I noted in training.)

If you use Swift Mailer, you can a) disable mail delivery; or b) send all mail to a specific address; or c) log to a file in config.yml or config_dev.yml:

  #disable_delivery: true
    #type: file
    #path: /path/to/spool 

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