Saturday 05 July 2014 12:45:40 pm


This was a promising initiave, but so far I did not see that much changes that will make ez5 docs a useful tool to build successful ez5 project (instead of a painful experience). It has rather some specific topics which are well documented, but it is lacking something to glue the whole topics and make them part of a same story.

Hope to see at least this "Best Practices" most requested document by the survey contributors.



Tuesday 29 April 2014 3:43:42 pm

One thing I'd like to see again is documentation that's useable offline - I have a (grep) searchable version of the documentation on my laptop which I could use on the train.  The html zip files used to have all the documentation - last time I checked it only had links to the online documentation.  That may be better for collecting metrics but for my specific use case it makes the zip file useless.

Tuesday 29 April 2014 3:14:41 pm

Some wishes, in random order, not about "missing docs", but about "better docs" blunk.gif Emoticon

- a full pdf-export of the whole docs set

- keep comments open for doc users. possibly w. comments rating/starring

- faceted search, being able to filter f.e. by eZ version

- a more complete "reference" section

- code snippets which are tested for correctness

- code snippets should always have links to a full version, even when they display just a few lines

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