Tuesday 02 December 2014 4:05:37 pm


Modified on Tuesday 02 December 2014 4:06:26 pm by Marie Duchemin

Wednesday 09 July 2014 4:06:00 pm

Julien, I just updated the bundle's documentation and added an example of how you could create a handler to persist doctrine entities.

The example is at the beginning of the handlers chapter

Wednesday 02 July 2014 2:48:39 pm

Hi Julien,

there is nothing yet to persist data in the bundle but it can be easily done by creating a form handler to persist Doctrine entities (see Symfony's Book to find out how it works). Since 5.3, eZPublish already uses Doctrine to persist data.

You can use entities as your form types' data classes and persist them in a dedicated table or you can create a global FormData entity to store everything in the same table, it really depends on what features you want to provide (browsing, export, ...).

As for the admin interface, you'll have to create a legacy module and load your symfony services ( probably doctrine entity manager) using ezpKernel::instance()->getServiceContainer()->get().

Feel free to create your own bundle based on ezforms-bundle, I'm sure this can be useful to many people happy.gif Emoticon

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