Friday 24 October 2014 6:25:12 pm

@Gareth For subscription we will need to implement native subscription support, supported by permission system. Assignments where unfortunately never meant for this, same problem with ezteamroom extension in legacy btw.

From API perspective it should be fairly trivial, but we will also need to think about cache, making this data part of "userHash" will effectively mean every single page is cached almost privately for each and every user as the hash will become quite unique (in your case you probably already have this problem), so for this we need to be able to vary on more variables, and this has some overlap with plans around how we will tackle native A/B testing next year.

@Bru 5.4 is as normal planned for end of November. However if we decide to ship it with Symfony 2.6* then it might end up being released in beginning of December. 6.0 will start to appear in beginning of next year, but it will go true some alpha's, beta's and rc's before we ship first stable version. * Both 5.4.x and 6.0.x will be updated to Symfony 2.7 LTS in sub release (or new unstable 6.0 in case it has not reached stable yet blunk.gif Emoticon ) june next year to not be stuck on a short term Symfony release.

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Friday 24 October 2014 5:06:21 pm

When 5.4 will be availaible ? ezpublish 6 is still pan for junuary ?

Those news are great. I hope I will see that by myself soon ...

Monday 20 October 2014 5:30:51 pm

So, do you know about other use cases where performance is not as you would expect?

Sites with large number of roles and a very granular subscription model.


To put some figures on it: an average user on our site has 80-90 roles, all limited by subtree, which breaks down to 200 policies each.


We have big problems fetching objects from the database. We can't use any of the native eZ5.2 fetches (criterions). The 5.3 location fetches may help with that, we haven't had a chance to test them yet.

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