Wednesday 17 February 2016 2:34:34 pm

Thanks everyone for nominating yourself for the eZ Community Board. Nominations will close by the end of today. Today, the board will have its regular meeting, taking the next step in board renewal, by assessing all possible candidates.I will post an update in my week in review blog, published on Friday's, and in the board minutes which are also shared here.  

Tuesday 16 February 2016 12:11:07 pm

Community and open source minded, working over 10 years with eZ Publish in projects of all sizes, early adopter of the Symfony stack, speaker at the summer camp, consulting major eZ Platform projects - I'd like to share my experience.

Tuesday 02 February 2016 9:59:41 am

I'll also be happy to serve another term happy.gif Emoticon

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