Tuesday 17 November 2009 11:58:38 am

Very happy to see some progress being made. Keep it up.

Some more ideas:

  • invite people to join by simple web reply here instead of email communication? seems more transparent and faster to do for the user browsing the site (his email is known to the system already)
  • announce the date for the next meeting (if any is planned), so that wannabe volunteers can know that they should join before that
  • add a page (in the "directory" section?) listing team members + add there a permanent link "become a member" + show a 'team member' emblem on members icons in their posts / articles
  • before worrying about content, please worry about management of the community itself: decide on clear and precise rules for stuff such as appropriate content for posting (commercial ads ok or not?); declare the powers of moderators (rules they should abide to); decide rules and clear venues for lamentation from users against moderators decisions and also a procedure to put in place for eviction of both members and moderators

Oh, and of course I'd like to be part of the team - if the quota for eZ employees is not filled already. Think you have my mail...

Tuesday 17 November 2009 11:47:40 am

Great initiative !

Looking forward to the first actions, I know there are many ideas.

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