Tuesday 31 May 2011 11:54:01 pm

@thibaut: for ajax content you're completely spoiled nowadays:

  • use soap (does a javascript client even exist? hahaha): write a php function for every soap method exposed
  • use xmlrpc/jsonrpc: install the ggsysinfo extension, code exposed webservices as php functions, js client can be any supporting those standard protocols (but a client js class based on YUI is also included), permission checking as bonus
  • use ezjscore: similar to xmlrpc/jsonrpc, main difference being usage of a custom wire protocol (and templates can be used to implement the exposed services - crazy!)
  • use json templates for custom content views (see eg. ggxmlview extension)
  • expose all existing fetch functions as xmlrpc/jsonrpc/ezjscore methods without writing a single line of code: use the ezwebservicesapi extension. Then write your custom fetch functions blunk.gif Emoticon
  • last but not least, use the new rest api. Faster and less memory hungry than other methods, it might still be a little lacking in permission checking and cache purge capablities

Tuesday 31 May 2011 1:14:50 pm

I agree with you Lordan, I'm looking for an extension which can load some Ajax content but still haven't find the simple/clean/efficient extension. If anyone has a concrete exemple ? Thanks !

Tuesday 02 March 2010 6:04:55 pm

Great article, the only thing I think it's missing more of a real-world example. For instance, it would be great to see an example of how to use this to submit a Poll object from the embed view and get back the poll results without refreshing the entire page. Is that something you can do with ezjscore?

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