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Advanced Content Editing with the eZ Publish Administration Interface

Wednesday 25 July 2007 3:00:00 pm

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In the eZ Publish Administration Interface, the Object Edit Interface provides tools and information to assist you when editing content. Features such as version management and front-end previewing are accessed with a single click.

This article is the fifth in a series focusing on concepts and features discussed in the newly released book eZ Publish Content Management Basics and is a short editors' user guide to the eZ Publish Administration Interface. It describes how to work with the interface to edit and publish content. We focus on the features and layout of the Object Edit Interface and the different input fields for content.

This material is written for editors working with eZ Publish content. To get the most out of this article, readers should have a basic understanding of the Online Editor, the layout of the Administration Interface, and the object-oriented content model (described in the previous articles in this series).

The Object Edit Interface is a special-purpose interface embedded within the eZ Publish Administration Interface. The Object Edit Interface is used to edit content objects. In addition, it is used to access other content management interfaces for managing and previewing object versions. The interface is presented whenever you initiate an edit or create operation. Its equivalent in the Website Interface is the Content Editing Interface (described in the second article in this series).

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