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Building mobile browser and hybrid applications with eZ Publish

Thursday 07 July 2011 3:29:13 pm

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Setting-up the design

When building a mobile interface, there are three key ingredients: context, information architecture, and visual design. This section focuses on visual design. It explains how to create an eZ Publish design extension, to be used by the mobile siteaccess.

Design extension

A mobile web interface design consists of HTML, stylesheets, images that are not a part of the content, and so on. Let’s look at how to create an eZ Publish design extension.

  1. In the “extension” directory of eZ Publish, create the following directory structure:
     | - design
     | | - mobile
     | | - images
     | | - javascript
     | | - override
     | | - stylesheets
     | | - templates
     | - settings
  2. In the extension/mobile/settings directory, create a file “design.ini.append.php” with the following contents:
    <?php /*
    */ ?>
  3. Edit the settings/override/site.ini.append.php file to activate the extension in the [ExtensionSettings] block:
  4. Clear all the caches!
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