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Choosing a Content Management System

Monday 26 November 2007 12:00:00 pm

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It can be difficult to compare CMS products due to their diversity in purpose, technology, architecture and capabilities. However, it is possible to compare generalized qualities that are the most important for decision makers. By analyzing the results of comparisons performed by vendor-neutral third-party research sites (such as CMS Matrix), the following conclusions emerge:

  • Open Source systems are almost as mature and capable as commercial products, but they need to improve in the areas of support and security.
  • The cost of mid-market projects increases with better support and lower risks, but products in this segment are not as sophisticated.
  • Sophisticated capabilities are only available in upper-tier enterprise solutions, but this is mostly due to higher budgets that allow extensive customization and the requirement for powerful high-end hardware platforms.

eZ Publish brings together the best of both worlds: Open Source flexibility and commercially strong capabilities.

Open Source advantage

Open Source provides strong advantages in Content Management Systems. Its transparency (of software and of development process) allows you to analyze functionality, potential and usability. Open Source also provides the infrastructure for future growth, protecting you legally and technically.

According to IDC's recent report, Open Source is "the most significant all-encompassing and long-term trend that the software industry has seen since the early 1980s [and] it would fundamentally change the value proposition of packaged software for customers."

Hopefully this article demonstrates how the eZ Publish Enterprise Open Source Content Management System can be an attractive option for your project, organization and business strategy.


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