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Clustering eZ Publish

Tuesday 12 April 2005 4:44:00 pm

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This article shows how you can set up eZ Publish in a clustered environment. Using the techniques outlined in this article you can get eZ Publish running in a load-balanced and failover environment ensuring higher uptime and better performance.

Equipment and software used

This article is based on the cluster setup currently running on ez.no. There are two back-end servers running in this setup. Both are Dell PowerEdge 1U dual 2.8GHz Xeon with 2GB RAM and SCSI hard discs.

The software running on the servers is:

  • Debian GNU/Linux stable
  • Apache 1.3.33 (latest stable release at the time)
  • MySQL 4.0.18
  • PHP 4.3.10
  • APC CVS version
  • eZ Publish 3.5.1 stable
36 542 Users on board!

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