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Create a feedback form in eZ Publish 5 using ezforms-bundle

Monday 12 May 2014 3:33:49 pm

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Install eZ Publish Community version

First off, we need a working eZ Publish installation. If you already have one, you may skip this section.

For reference purposes, here's how I installed the latest community version (v2014.03.2) on my Ubuntu. If you experience any difficulty, please refer to the official eZ Publish documentation.


1 - Install composer


2 - Create a new ezpublish-community project in ezforms-tutorial:


Composer will install dependencies and you'll then be asked to enter a few parameters, you may keep default values.

You should then move the composer.phar file to your project's folder (or install it globally on your system) as you will need it later


3 - Setup file permissions

see eZ Publish's installation instructions to find out which permissions should be set. I used setfacl:


4 - Configure virtual host

use sample configuration from eZ Publish's documentation. Just make sure to use replace the line SetEnv ENVIRONMENT "prod" with SetEnv ENVIRONMENT "dev"
My [SERVER_NAME] is ezforms-tutorial.localhost you should of course replace this URL with yours during the course of this tutorial

5 - Edit package list URL in ezpublish_legacy/settings/package.ini :


6 - Run the setup wizard

Wizard should be accessible at http://ezforms-tutorial.localhost/ezsetup. Simply follow the instructions.
In the next steps, I'll assume you configured eZ Publish as follow:

  • use English (United Kingdom) as your main language (no additional language)
  • select eZ Publish Demo Site (ver. 5.3-0-beta1) package for installation
  • choose URL access method
  • Keep default ezdemo_site and ezdemo_site_admin siteaccess names

7 - Dump assets to your web root


Demo site should be up and running at http://ezforms-tutorial.localhost/ezdemo_site. Admin interface should be available at http://ezforms-tutorial.localhost/ezdemo_site_admin




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