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Creating Custom Admin Modules & Views

Monday 18 April 2011 11:42:34 pm

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Next Steps

Creating additional Views and Modules

You should now be comfortable with setting up additional views if you want to within the same module. If you want to create a new module to work on your own set of functionality, update your module.ini.append.php file as you did at the start of the tutorial to add your new module (there’s an example of how this will look below) or alternatively run through what we have covered in this tutorial to start afresh in a new extension.

<?php /*

Creating Modules for your main site access

If you want to enable your modules on the front of your site, you can do so by updating the permissions for the default user type within the Users tab. Update the user to get the relevant permissions for your modules and they will become available to them (as we have just done in the admin site access for Editorial Users).



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