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Creating eZ Publish Objects in PHP

Friday 04 June 2010 5:09:02 pm

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Step 1 – Setup the script

For this tutorial, we are going to stick to running the script from the command line. To do this, we are going to create a script within the directory /bin/php which is found in the root of your eZ Publish site. This script is the standard layout for an eZ Publish PHP script. To make debugging easier for us, I have enabled it in the script options. Once you are happy with your code, set the debug options to false.

Code :

set_time_limit ( 0 );
require 'autoload.php';
$cli = eZCLI::instance();
$db = eZDB::instance();
$script = eZScript::instance( array( 'description' => ( "eZ Publish data import.\n\n" .
                                      "Simple import script for use with eZ Publish"),
                                     'use-session' => false,
                                     'use-modules' => true,
                                     'use-extensions' => true,
                                     'debug-output' => true,
                                     'debug-message' =>true) );
Our Functionality will go here


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