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Fetching User Objects with PHP - part 2

Monday 18 October 2010 10:38:28 am

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And that is it! If you open up the file in a spreadsheet application you should be able to open it so that each tab is shown in a separate column. The script we have created is flexible and you could pull out any kind of content based on the principles we have looked at over these tutorials, just by modifying the Fetch statement we are using. The complete code is downloadable so make sure to play around with it so that it works for you.



This tutorial is available for offline reading, in PDF format :
David Linnard - Exporting User Information Part 2 - PDF version

The code of this tutorial is available here :


About the author : David Linnard

David Linnard

David is a London based web developer with a wide variety of skills who has spent the last two years on commercial eZ Publish web builds. He is also experienced at handling a variety of other content management systems and the Zend Framework.


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