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How to Use eZ Publish Extensions: Google Analytics

Monday 29 October 2007 11:00:00 pm

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In this article, we set up visitor tracking on the fictional eZ Tennis Club site powered by eZ Publish using Google Analytics.

With the BC Website Statistics extension installed and configured within your eZ Publish installation, your website will transmit page statistics to the Google Analytics service. You should now have gained some experience and understanding with the following features within eZ Publish:

  • Administration Interface
  • INI settings files
  • Template files
  • Template operators
  • Extensions

Subsequent articles in this tutorial series will explain other ways to enhance eZ Publish websites, including workflows, community features, RSS feeds and more!


We hope this tutorial has been helpful and interesting to the eZ Publish community, providing useful information about extensions, the BC Website Statistics extension and the Google Analytics service. We invite you to leave a comment or question about anything in this article.

Brookins Consulting makes implementing statistics services within eZ Publish simple with the BC Website Statistics extension.


BC Website Statistics

Google Analytics

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This work is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

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