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How to use your github.com repository on the eZ Publish extension forge : projects.ez.no

Tuesday 10 January 2012 6:20:34 pm

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At the end of this tutorial, you will have understood how to plug-in a github.com code repository as main code repository on the eZ Publish extension forge : projects.ez.no, for new and existing projects. The forge will be importing the commit history automatically, like it was done when the supplied Subversion repository was used.


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Github.com has turned out to be one of the prominent code management tools, made famous by its social capabilities, its ease of use and its extensive, user-friendly documentation. eZ Publish itself and many of its extensions are now developed on github.com : https://github.com/ezsystems. A tutorial worth reading is the guide to eZ Publish contribution : http://share.ez.no/learn/ez-publish/how-to-contribute-to-ez-publish-using-git

We will focus on how to connect an existing github.com repository on a new or existing project on projects.ez.no, and then show how this novelty is displayed on the project space.


Pre-requisites and target population

This tutorial is aimed at anyone willing to start and foster collaboration, the open-source way, around an eZ Publish extension or solution, relying on github.com as code management tool.

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