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How to use your repository on the eZ Publish extension forge :

Tuesday 10 January 2012 6:20:34 pm

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Step 1 : create a account

(if you already have one, skip to Step 2).

This is easily fixed and FREE if you do not own one yet. Navigate to, hit the “Signup and Pricing” link at the top-right corner of the page, then the “Create a free account” near the top. Let yourself guided through.

Create a account


You should end-up with something like this : as well as a local set-up allowing to manipulate your git repositories through (command-line utilities, or graphical stuff). In case of issue or will to perfect your git/ skills, have a deep look at the excellent online help :


Step 2 : create a code repository

(if you already have one, skip to Step 3).

In case you have not created the project repository yet, it is, again, easily fixed and FREE. Navigate to your home-page (example : and hit the “New repository” button, by the top of the left column. Let yourself guided through.

Creation of a new repository



As a result you should have a git repository available through git, and on the web. Example :

36 542 Users on board!

Tutorial menu


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