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Installing an eZ Publish Payment Gateway

Thursday 04 January 2007 12:36:00 am

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Many customers, developers and small businesses use eZ Publish as a platform to build enterprise e-commerce solutions. eZ Publish's Webshop module enables websites to offer items for sale. Accepting customer payments (by credit card, cheque, PayPal and other forms) using payment transaction approval services during checkout presents a unique problem. Brookins Consulting has created a custom extension called eZ Authorize, licensed under the GPL, that we are happy to share with the eZ Publish community. In this tutorial we will teach you how to use the Authorize.Net extension eZ Authorize. This process requires the configuration of extensions, workflows and triggers.


  • Payment gateway - The service provider that acts between buyer and seller to authorize payments and transfer money (for example, Authorize.Net or PayPal).
  • eZ Publish payment gateway extension - The tool that connects eZ Publish with the payment gateway (for example, the eZ Authorize extension).
  • Workflow - A collection of events initiated by a trigger. A workflow defines an ordered sequence of actions that will be executed. An event is the smallest entity of the workflow system, and carries out a specific task. The Payment Gateway workflow is described in the eZ Publish documentation.
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