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Installing an eZ Publish Payment Gateway

Thursday 04 January 2007 12:36:00 am

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1. Download the latest eZ Authorize package. eZ Authorize packages (tar.gz, tar.bz2 and .zip) are built from the project's repository hosted by the eZ community's subversion server

2. Unpack the package into the 'extension/' folder of your eZ Publish installation. Rename the unpacked eZ Authorize folder to 'ezauthorize' if it is not already named as such.

3. On Unix-like operating systems, set file ownership and permission of the 'ezauthorize' folder and configuration files to '750'.

Activate eZ Authorize via the eZ Publish Administration Interface:

1. Click on the Setup link on the top menu. On the left menu click Extensions. In the Available extensions window, check the checkbox under the Activate column that corresponds to the 'ezauthorize' extension. Click Apply changes.

2. Alternatively, you can edit the 'site.ini' override file. Typically, this involves opening the file 'settings/override/site.ini.append.php' in your preferred text editor. Add an entry to the 'ActiveExtensions[]' array with the text string 'ezauthorize' under the [ExtensionSettings] block. The basic activation settings might look similar to the following:


Payment gateway merchant settings

1. Copy the configuration file 'ezauthorize.ini.append.php' (located in 'extension/ezauthorize/settings/') into the 'settings/override/' directory.

2. Log in to your Authorize.Net account to obtain the optional and required settings to configure your payment gateway merchant settings in eZ Authorize.

3. Customize the settings in the file 'ezauthorize.ini.append.php', replacing the relevant values with your merchant-specific settings. One of the non merchant-specific settings is to enable or disable test mode. For testing purposes in this tutorial, make sure this value is set to 'true'. You should set it to 'false' once you have finished setting up eZ Authorize and are ready to accept payments.

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