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Lots of Websites, One eZ Publish Installation - Adding Siteaccesses in eZ Publish

Thursday 27 May 2010 5:36:44 pm

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How-To Part II: Settings

Now we may edit our settings. Node two, previously the landing page node for the one public siteaccess, has become the parent (container) for the two new landing page nodes (see how-to part I). Let's say existing siteaccess 'public' happens to have as its landing page node 175, and siteaccess 'new_site' has landing page node is 176.

1. Edit settings/siteaccess/public/content.ini.append.php :


2. Edit settings/siteaccess/public/site.ini.append.php :

SiteName=Public site one
# (or public_site.example.com) ?
# customize the metadata by site if you like :
MetaDataArray[author]=John Doe
MetaDataArray[copyright]=John Doe co.ltd
MetaDataArray[description]=This is my public website number one, out of two on the same eZ instance
MetaDataArray[keywords]=Public website one, multi-siteaccesses with eZ Publish

This is the beginning of leveraging eZ Publish's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. Feel free to do more. Extensions which may be of help include Meta Data Datatyp, Google Sitemaps, Google News Sitemap, and feZ Meta Data.

PathPrefix=Public-site-one # (name of node 175 if you don't want its name appearing in the URL)
# Comment out the following array reset line, will ease the addition 
# of new siteaccesses in our tutorial. 
# RelatedSiteAccessList[]

3. Copy settings/siteaccess/public to settings/siteaccess/new_site


4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for new_site (replacing 175 with 176, and using the proper url)


5. Edit settings/override/site.ini.append.php :

Make sure none of the above settings is in override/site.ini.append.php. If any is, comment it out and make the appropriate addition to settings/siteaccess/admin/site.ini.append.php. Also in the override site.ini.append.php, add :


Note that in a site using host-based access method, we'd add something like:



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