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Managing Versions with eZ Publish

Friday 17 August 2007 3:00:00 pm

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The built-in eZ Publish versioning feature makes it possible to have several versions of a content object. It automatically keeps track of which content changes were made by which users at what time, and provides the option to revert content to a previous version. Every time you click either the Create or Edit button, the system automatically creates a new version of the content. It is always the new version that is edited; old versions remain untouched. In other words, the version mechanism follows a "copy-and-edit" approach rather than an "overwrite / replace" approach.

This article is the seventh in a series focusing on concepts and features discussed in the newly released book eZ Publish Content Management Basics. This article provides an introduction to the version management system of eZ Publish, focusing on the content life cycle and the Version history interface.

The target audience includes all content editors responsible for content management through either the Website Interface or the Administration Interface of an eZ Publish website. Readers can review the access requirements for the Administration Interface and Website Interface from the previous articles in this series.

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