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Managing Versions with eZ Publish

Friday 17 August 2007 3:00:00 pm

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Every time you click either the Create or Edit button, eZ Publish automatically creates a new version of the content. The version mechanism follows a "copy-and-edit" approach rather than an "overwrite / replace" approach. The system stores information related to each version, including a version number, timestamps for when it was created and last modified, the user who created the version and the version status.

The life cycle of a content object consists of several statuses. The main statuses are Draft, Published and Archived. As a rule of thumb, a version can only be edited if it is a draft and it can only be edited by the same user who initially created it.

The Version history interface makes it possible to view and manage the versions that belong to an object, enabling you to remove, copy, edit and compare existing versions.

eZ Publish alerts you when you trigger an editing conflict. This usually happens when two people are attempting to work on the same content object, and the easiest solution is to decide whether you want to edit the published version or one of the drafts, then select the desired version and click the Edit button.


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