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Need for speed - How to use eZ Find search fetch instead of standard content list/tree fetch

Tuesday 13 July 2010 10:27:45 am

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Four other key hints

Third thing is to enable AllowEmptySearch in site.ini. It will enable use of eZ Find search function for listing nodes without having any search text query. This switch is generally useful to remain disabled if standard eZSearch engine is used (to prevent exhaustive SQL queries) but with eZ Find it is not an issue, as Solr handles this much better.

Fourth: indexed fields are only subset of all fields from the database. What fields you can use depends on what meta data eZ Find maps, what class attributes are searchable and what object attributes are marked searchable.

Fifth, and last, with version 2.2 eZ Find you have the option to segment the index into more chunks which can be configured independently – called shards. This can be useful for many things, among which are :

  • multilanguage site to distinguish language dependent settings: collation, spellchecker, stemming, etc
  • search other indexes

More on shards here:

Sixth: Using eZ Find will give you performance boost but this should not prevent you to use all other caching possibilities of eZ Publish. To have a page with minimum request to SQL database or Solr engine is still a must.


Recommended settings

To conclude this basic options here are recommended settings in settings/override/site.ini.append.php :


In extension/ezfind/settings/ezfind.ini :



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