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Need for speed - How to use eZ Find search fetch instead of standard content list/tree fetch

Tuesday 13 July 2010 10:27:45 am

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Step 4: Examples

Few simple examples on how to replace fetch content calls with eZ Find calls.

Example 1

Using standard function

{fetch( 'content', 'list',
     hash( 'parent_node_id', 100,
           'class_filter_type', 'include',
           'class_filter_array, array('article'),
           'sort_by', array( array('modified',false()),
                             array( 'attribute', true(),'article/title') )

Using eZ Find

{fetch( 'ezfind', 'search',
     hash( 'filter', 'main_parent_node_id:100',
           'class_id', array('article'),
           'sort_by', hash( 'modified', 'desc', 'article/title', 'asc' ) ) )}

Listing only child nodes is solved with special filter. Including classes is simpler. Sorting is a bit different and it needs only one hash, with no nested arrays.


Example 2

Using standard function

{fetch( 'content', 'tree',
        hash( 'parent_node_id',     100,
              'ignore_visibility', true(),
              'limit', 20,
              'offset', 0,
              'attribute_filter', array( array( 'review/rating',
                                                array( 0, 2 ) ) ) ) )}

Using eZ Find

{fetch( 'ezfind', 'search',
        hash( 'subtree_array', 100,
              'ignore_visibility', true(),
              'limit', 20,
              'offset', 0,
              'filter', array('review/rating:[0 TO 2]') ) )}

This example shows even more similarity between standard fetch function and eZ Find search fetch function. Only difference is the filter with the way how condition is constructed.



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